Reporting Association
of Public Schools

RAPS is an organization that seeks to initiate, sponsor, promote, and execute policies and activities that further the profession of court reporting and court reporting training at public schools throughout California.  RAPS is a liaison with the Court Reporters Board of California to disseminate information to member schools and their students.

Membership in RAPS is comprised of public schools whose programs include the teaching of machine shorthand and court reporting, and any instructors teaching those skills.   The elected officers are a President and Secretary/Treasurer, who serve a two-year term.  Each school pays annual dues of $100.

Meetings are held at each CSR exam.  All members are invited to attend the meetings and to submit items for discussion.  At RAPS meetings, instructors share information and ideas, and are provided with a forum for mutual support and fellowship.

To learn more about RAPS or court reporting, contact any of the RAPS schools on this website and visit our page on alternate careers in court reporting.